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The principle of selecting color corrugated steel sheet

Date:2023-06-06   Visits:1115

1.The relative pickling environment choose aluminized zinc substrate, the relative alkaline environment choose galvanized substrate;

2. In high temperature and high humidity areas (southern areas), galvanized or aluminum-plated zinc substrate with large relative coating thickness must be used, the specific indicators are: zinc layer weight ≥140 g/m2, aluminum zinc layer weight ≥100 g/m2;

3. Due to the chloride ion factor in coastal areas, the coating and coating thickness are required to be relatively high, so as to prevent the occurrence of incision or subfilm corrosion;

4. In areas with strong sunshine or ultraviolet rays (western or high altitude), choose fluorocarbon or high weather resistant polyester with good coating durability;

5. Public and civil buildings should not only consider corrosion resistance, appearance performance is also very important, therefore, the use of more delicate coating PVDF or HDP is a good choice;

6. In the case of color can be selected, from the point of view of corrosion, choose light color coated steel plate, more durable;

7. Outdoor color coated steel plate coating gloss should choose a low-gloss coating;

8. In the relative slope of the relatively small roof, the direct use of aluminized zinc plate, which is economical and practical;

9. The choice of steel and plate and plate thickness related, the use of high-strength steel under the same load can reduce the thickness of the steel plate or the use of relatively shallow plate type, can reduce the use of materials.

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