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What are the techniques for selecting furniture? Look at these five points!

Date:2023-06-06   Visits:1091

1. Style selection should be appropriate and durable: Furniture is not a fast moving consumer product, but will accompany us for many years. Therefore, when choosing furniture, it is necessary to match the overall style of the house. It is best to choose furniture products with texture, durability, and warmth.

2. Consider family lifestyle habits: When choosing furniture, it is important to consider the lifestyle habits of family members. If there are children at home, it is best to choose furniture with rounded corners, dirt resistance, and easy cleaning; If you have pets, you should choose furniture that is resistant to biting and scratching.

3. Pay attention to storage space: Storage should be a headache in everyone's daily life. If you want to store more items, you can only do it from furniture. When selecting furniture, it is important to pay attention to whether there is sufficient space, and when purchasing a wardrobe or bookshelf, it is important to consider whether the functional differentiation is reasonable.

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